The Freshest Produce

In order to be the best possible potato supplier to London and the South East’s Fish and Chip shops, Masters and Co grow their own produce as well as partnering with carefully selected Cambridgeshire farmers.

Our Customers

Our customers have been relying on the wide range quality produce, shop supplies and sundries that Masters and Co Ltd provide as a Fish and Chip Shop supplier. See what they have to say about us for yourself in their testimonials.

Our Farmers

We work with our farmers throughout the season. Starting from planting the seed, when in flower, all the way to storing and testing for next years crop. Doing this allows us to make sure that we are not only the best potato supplier possible but also that we can provide produce at competitive prices. Building and maintaining strong relationships with our growers ensures that we have full visibility of the produce we sell from seed to plate.

Welcome to Masters and Co Ltd, Your Premium Potato Supplier

We are a family business spanning 4 generations with over 90 years experience as a potato supplier in London and the South East. As well as potatoes, Masters & Co Ltd provide a range of sundries and other Fish and Chip shop supplies required by Britain’s range of chip shops.

Our vast experience in the industry has given us a leading edge and growing our own produce means we can control everything from seed to product delivery. Samples are regularly tested to ensure that what we are producing potatoes of the upmost quality.

As well as a potato supplier, Masters and Co Ltd are also a Drywites and Aviko stockist meaning that we supply and deliver a full range of shop supplies and sundries.

6 Days

a week delivering fresh produce and sundries

94 Years

experience in the trade

250+ Happy Customers

around London and the South East

Meet Our Team

It takes a lot of experience to ensure that the restaurants we deliver to are always ready to open knowing that they are serving the finest produce and ingredients to their customers. Meet some of the team members that make this happen on a daily basis.

Our Customers

There are hundreds of owners of Fish and Chip shop owners across London and the South East. They rely on Masters and Co Ltd to operate efficiently to ensure they can serve the best produce to their customers. Meet some of our customers who trust Masters and Co Ltd to supply their business.